My loves, I’m at the health clinic.

Hey dolls and loves. How are you all? I’m so tired. I’m lacking iron so I’m at the health clinic to get some in my blood. How fun. Not.

I apologize for not blogging for the past few days. I’ve been so super tired and in a bad mood so I’ve felt I need a small break from everything and just be with my family. But later today I’m gonna blog more.

Yesterday it was my nephew’s birthday. Wow I can’t believe he just turned 14! That means I’m old. I was 13 going 14 when he and my niece was born. Wow. Lol. I’m turning 28 this month. Oh lord. Haha.

A weird post but I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that I haven’t forgot about the blog or forgot about you my loves, my ghosts ❤️ never ever.


It’s us against the music. Piece of Me Tour. Britney Spears in small town in Sweden

Am I still dreaming?! Have I actually seen Britney Spears with my own eyes? Yes, yes I have! Yesterday on Saturday August 11 2018 I saw my biggest idol live!

The alarm were set to ring at 6am. I was so tired and felt not to get up from bed but then I remembered “Britney Spears!” and wrooom I was up out of the bed.

My brother drove us to the train station an hour before the train left. 9.32am the train left to Gävle after that we took the bus 11.07am to Sandviken. When we arrived in Sandviken I was confused. I had never been to Sandviken and the arena so I asked two people who I thought were Swedish but they weren’t. So I asked on English and they said they were going there as well. F U N! We tagged along with them. I spoke with them about Britney etc (in common interest) and they told me they have seen her before but this time they were gonna meet her on meet and greet. I was not jealous… Ah who am I kidding? I was super jealous. Lol! We walked so we saw the arena but I remembered my brother told us to go eat before the concert (I was so pumped and excited about the concert I didn’t think of eating even though I must because of diabetes) so we all 4 went and ate. The two people we met, M and I. We got to know each other a bit more. They were from Milan and Paris. How cool isn’t that?! A person and a concert can bring fans from all over the world together?! I love it! When we had eaten me and M went to the queue to wait. The girl and the guy we met were meeting some friends of theirs. In line, the Swedish fan page of Britney Spears had created a system that I love! They wrote a number on each person’s hand and to my surprise when we got the numbers, we had a pretty low number! Number 30 and 31. Insane! It was not so many fans waiting there and the time was 12.30pm something. Everyone thought it was gonna be packed with people (I spoke with a few fans) but it was just 38 when we were there. It came 7 other after us.

Nothing special happened in the line / queue.

A short list of what happened :

* the staff were super rude * the staff who were gonna sell the merchandise was super rude as well. * I had to go to a building to charge my phone which felt it took forever.. One hour. And it was a fast charging cord. Pssh * went to look on the merch after they were done (they were super rude while packing up and me + a few more asked when they were gonna open. Before or after concert) and I almost fell on my ass. So expensive ~ I write that below *

T-shirt cost 350SEK ~ $38.64
Sweat pants cost 550SEK ~ $60.71
Hoodie cost 700SEK ~ $77.27
Backpack cost 600SEK ~ $66.23
3 pins cost 180SEK ~ $19.87
4 patches cost 280SEK ~ $30.91
Jeans jacket cost 1500SEK ~ $165.58
Poster cost 100SEK ~ $11.04
Cap cost 300SEK ~ $33.12

I love britney but I couldn’t buy anything.

I met an man in line who had bought early access package (that line were next to standing spot in concert place) and he celebrated his 40th birthday to see Britney live. Awesome dude! Anyway, in that package (plus vips etc) they got a goodiebag and I whispered to M “I wonder what’s in those bags” and the guy next to us took the box out from the bag and said it’s a bracelet and showed me. He asked if I wanted to have it! I was so surprised and said yes but asked over and over again “are you sure?” “you don’t have to give it away to me” etc but he said yes all the time. I was bummed that I couldn’t buy from the merch because of the prices and than this man changed my day! He also gave me the goodie bag! The second gift he had to keep so he could get access to the early access area but still.. He gave me his gift! I said thank you like a million time and I couldn’t stop smile! I was so happy I hugged him. He was uncomfortable with that so I apologized and explained why I was so happy for the gift. He laughed and said he understood the hug then. Lol.

In the concert area me and M noticed it was so small amount of people near the stage so we ran for it. Held hands and ran. I never run FYI but this made me run! We ended up on the 2/3rd row from the stage. So excited! Met three girls while waiting. Everyone had to sit down on the floor so the security guards could see and it was 2h before the concert started. Anyway, super sweet girls! We were all pumped and excited for the concert! We exchanged Instagram with each other to keep in touch and talk about all this that night.

Pitbull was on first. I dislike him but he was actually good live. So much energy and contact & had eye contact with the audience. Jumped around and really owned the stage! I love that! Good bass, right volume on the music. Just perfect!

Britney Spears came on after. One of the girls were hyped as me. Excited so we almost cried. When she was right infront of us, we screamed like crazy. Shaking so much I hold her hand and we were both shaking together. But it pretty much died out quickly. I love Britney but I’m kinda disappointed of the concert. It’s still the best night of my life (in concerts) but she looked so sad. So unhappy. Exhausted and forced. She didn’t look like she enjoyed having the show. All the smiles she had you all could tell was fake. Pretty much no energy, no eye contact or contact with the audience / the fans. Still a fan off her though!

Short list of what other things happened this day / night:
* a man came up and were causing trouble with M. The man hit one of my girls I met in the head
* security guards were like a hawk looking for him. We fans helped out to find him.
* the guy death treated an other guy
* I got so scared I almost started to cry. I couldn’t stop shaking
* Security guards came in the audience and caught this man. I said out loud “a big applaud for the security guards” and everyone around us were clapping.
* two girls passed out next to us. I remembered I had some pills / sugar candy thingy called Dextrosol. I gave the security guard that so he gave one to the girls each. #Hero
* a very tiny girl came and asked if she could stand infront of us because she didn’t see anything. OF COURSE! We all were tall and we all want everyone to have a chance to see Pitbull and Britney live. We told other girls to move a little so this girl could stand right at the gates around the stage but one of the girls were so super rude to this girl. Me and two of the girls were telling her wrong and told her to move! Pssh she ended up moving a bit so the tiny little girl could see one cm extra. GOD! Selfish person. “I’ve paid extra for these places” no honey, you have paid the same amount of money as everyone else who had floor tickets. That made us even more angry.
* no air in the room ~ many people were so dehydrated
* security guards were giving water to the fans non stop

I will post more photos etc in an other post. I’m still in shock. Lol


The day is finally here! SO HAPPY AND SO EXCITED!!!

Today is the day!! I’m so happy and crazy excited! Finally! The countdown is showing 0 and in a few hours I’m gonna see my biggest idol live for the very first time ever. After 19 years as being a fan I can finally say that I have seen her live. With my own eyes.

6am the alarm rang. I was so tired. Hard to get up out of bed but man did I get up! Huge smile on my lips, stressed as heck to pack the bags etc ~ one bag with extra clothes and one bag with things to eat. Yes!

Now we are on the first train to a city called Gävle and later change train to Sandviken. So many trains and so little time ~ MEGA STRESS! but thankfully we don’t need to stress when we are going home after the concert. My brother is coming to pick us up. Or else we have to wait till 8am the morning after for the train back home. Wow. No Thank you. Lol!

I’m gonna save some battery on my phone now so I will blog more later. The train is full off people so I can’t charge. We barely got two seats for us to sit. Wow. Maybe many of these people are going to the concert? Hmm

Beauty · Everything

A package I’ve been longing for is finally here! I’m beyond excited and happy!

Please note that my english isn’t the best and the translation from the card in the box might be weird. I’m trying the best I can. I’ve used the google translator to help me.

Yay! I got an other box today! But this time it is something special. I pay a small amout of money every month to recive these boxes but from this month I’ve ended my subscription to this company. I’m so sad that I have to but I know I can always start again. Uhm YAY! Of course it is something beauty related and I am beyond excited to try them all!

These products were in this month’s of GlossyBox. How exciting! I’m most excited to try the Bang Beauty and Laritzy Cosmetics. I don’t know why. They all seems to be good but I can’t say anything before I’ve tried them. It’s gonna be fun to try them all.

Bang Beauty Eyebrow Cream “Chocolate Brown”. Easy and smooth eyebrow cream that gives a natural looking eyebrows. For the best application, use the brush that came with the eyebrowcream. Start with the contures and later fill the eyebrows with the color of your choice. When the formula sat down, the brow kept the whole day.

Laritzy Costmetics Shade Stix “Aloha”  Creamy stick that gives a subtle sunshine glow while reinforcing your facial features. The light, silky formula is easy to apply directly to the face with high precision and the ability to build up for extra effect.

Murad Aha / Bha Exfoliating Cleanser Beautiful exfoliating cleanser that cleans and exfoliates the skin with glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and natural jojoba pearls. It removes dead skin cells, gives luster and leaves the skin soft, smooth and clean

A to K Shine Vitamin Spray Vitamins in spray form are a smart, easy and effective way to take you vitamins! Shine contains Vitamin D and has a fresh taste of mint. Vitamin D in spray form has 97% higher absorption capacity than tablets and capsules

Nail Medic Rejuvenator Give your nails the best care with Nail Medic! This luxurious rejuvenating envelope contains a three-phase blend of oils, extracts and vitamins that help to moisturise and repair damaged nails and nail bands

I’m excited to try them all but I am really excited to try those I mentioned before ~ bang beauty and laritzy cosmetics. I’ll post my review later when I’ve tried and used them for a while.


Remember the history. It taught us how to live

Went for a walk with mom. Ended up buying shoes for a lot of Swedish money. Oh wow.

Part of the history. Never forget what happens to create this world. Horrible things made us stronger and happy things made us more happy.

Today has been hectic! Cleaning up the toys, continued in Mios room, went for a long walk with mom, grocery shopping, “fika” with mom. Made 20ISH important calls ~ literally. Babysat D ~ She went with us on the walk as well. Ugh. Hi, hello! Good middle off the night here in Sweden. Finally I can write this post. Wow. How are you all?? I’m tired. Lol but happy. My phone has f i n a l l y arrived – WOOH!!.. or not. The stupid company sent the phone to a different store than the one that’s here. Ohmy. I’ve called twenty or something calls to fix all the mess the company has created but no luck. Thankfully my sister-in-law is driving me tomorrow to pick it up. So I’m gonna have my new phone at the concert. YAY! So I’m excited for that. I’m gonna have so much space on my phone to record the concert, photos etc. Wow! Happy happy!

Speaking of concert.. T O M O R R O W is the day. I’ve had the tickets since March. Super scared that I would loose them or now Mio get a grip of them and chew on them or so. OH THE HORROR.

I’ll blog just a bit later. Hm 🤔


Excited, thoughts, am I weird?? Lol

Good night everyone. The time in Sweden is past 12am. Which means T W O DAYS LEFT til the concert ♡ yes I’m super hyped and Excited! Ops sorry. I know I’m writing a lot about the concert and the countdown but it feels like it’s all a dream. A person who happens to be a celebrity is coming to Sweden. I’ve been a fan of her since 1999 and it’s 2018 now, which means 19 years of being a faithful fan. I’m talking about Britney Spears. My biggest idol. Bigger than.. biggest. Waow. I still can’t believe I’m gonna see her live. Finally

Ok ok enough about that. How are you all?? I hope you all are good and has a beautiful day with a lot of laughter, love and smiles. I’ve been super busy today. I don’t know why but that “clean freak” hit me today. Insane but man, beautiful apartment now. All the toys is in baby’s room instead of the living room. Stuff has been carried down to the storage. Baby’s room is soon done and more. Phu. So now I feel it’s ok to go to bed . Rest for tomorrow when I continue in baby’s room. Soon he will move to he’s room. Excited momma! My boy is growing up so fast.


I’ve noticed one thing.. {I’ve been thinking of this today} when ever I’m getting Mio to fall asleep, we cuddle while listening to soft music. I’ve started to play some Swedish lullabies which is so fun for me and Mio. He head Swedish and I’m learning the correct versions of the songs. Anyway, while listening to the music I sing along to baby but I’ve noticed that when ever someone enters the room we are in or when M is home, I never sing out loud. Hm 🤔 ok now the post is weird but Hey, iam weird too so it’s all good.


I’m off to bed. Goodnight! Muwah! Psst, soon 1OO members in the ghost family ♡