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Hair mask. Was it a good idea or a bad idea?

Now.. Finally I can write this post I’ve been wanted to write for a few days!

My hair is damaged all the way to the roots. I’m tired of it to be honest. Some days I feel like I should shave it all off but for me, even if the hair is damaged, my hair is my everything when it comes to myself.

The other day I searched on pinterest for a hair mask I’ve read and heard SO much about for a few years. To be honest, I have been scared of trying it. The thought of putting bananas in my hair scared me but I did it.

If you want to try this, do it. My experience is kinda… Bad.

You need 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of castor oil, 1 medium banana, a bowl and somethong to stir with.

Crack the two eggs in to the bowl. Add the castor oil and the honey into it and mix well.

Mash the banana really well. Avoid lumps and stuff.

Add it into the mixture and mix this well.

Now how to use it first was your hair with shampoo in warm water (shampoo open the hairs up). Rinse and add the hair mask. Massage it to the scalpe and hair. Put a plastic bag over your hair after you covered all the hair with the mixture. I also had a towel on top of it because it will go down your ears, neck and throat. So it’s good to have one. Leave it in for 30 minutes or more I has 1h.

Now here comes my experience of this mask, I like the results after it b u t I didn’t like this mask because I still have some banana left in my hair. And I did this mask a few days ago. I stood in the shower for 1.5h trying to get the banana out. Used shampoo and conditioner 3 times each. At the end I became so annoyed, I left the hair. My husband looked on my hair and helped me as much as possible to get the banana out. I gave up but after a while I said to my husband I will try brush it out once my hair is dry. Sure it worked a bit but not everything. The results are very good but this whole thing, not so good.



Pretty good results but I don’t recommend this hair mask because of the banana and all the struggle. I know I won’t do this mask again. I will look for other masks that doesn’t contain bananas.

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Top 11 movies to watch this Christmas

From the middle of November til now, M and I have been watching Christmas movies everyday. After Emilio is in bed we pop popcorn, takes out our softest blankets, light candles and just relax infront of Netflix and movies.

In this post I’m gonna give you a few recommendations of movies worth watching. I love them!

The spirit of Christmas

Sure it doesn’t have that “Christmas feeling” but it’s some part Christmas but really, it’s worth watching.

A wish for Christmas (yes it’s Gretchen from Mean Girls)

The holiday Calender

Miss me this Christmas

You can’t fight Christmas

Christmas with a view

Merry Kissmas

A dogwalker’s Christmas tale

Christmas wedding planner

48 Christmas wishes

Christmas Inheritance

This is a few movies I recommend. They are cute, romantic, funny and everything you can ask for in movies during the Christmas season!

I’ll post more movies later! I need to watch more! I love this part of christmas 🎀😍


Why do we even….

New year resolutions.. Why do we even come up with them? Many of you can accomplish them but I can’t. I can give myself some resolutions every year and promise myself that I will stick to them but to be honest, after a week or so I break them.

Lately I haven’t made some resolutions but this year I’m gonna try keep some of them. Yes I wrote try. I say and write try so I won’t disappoint myself.

Do you have any resolutions for next year?

I know I’m super early but I’m gonna try them now.. Was my plan. Lol.

My new year resolutions
for 2019 is


1) loose weight

Try to lose at least 10kg (22lbs)

2) eat better

I need to cut back on the junk food such as chips, candy etc. I don’t eat those things a lot but I need to try stop with them.

3) visit daddy’s grave more often

4) become a better person

5) focus on one thing at the time and not have so many plans and ideas going on, on the same time

6) find a job

7) be a better blogger / pinterester / instagrammer

Pretty childish one but I want to be better on social media / networking. Not to become popular, gain followers / family members etc.

8) stop caring what people think of me

9) work on my self esteem / self confidence

10) dare myself to get out from my comfort zone more

11) start taking care of my body better

12) work out more

I probably will add more to my list with time but for now, I’m gonna work hard on these resolutions. Wish me luck!

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Who am I? Presentation.

My blog has new followers, that means new family members of the ghost family. I thought I should write a little about myself. You know, get to know me.

My name is Emma, I’m 28 years old. Born in Sweden. November 2017, I became a mom to a boy who got the name Emilio. I’m also married with a man from India so our baby boy is half Swedish and half Indian.

I have a passion for makeup, fashion, photography, diy, baking and cooking. I love to laugh and to make people happy.

What else? I’m a plus size girl who loves Halloween, pumpkins, ghosts you name it.

Also my English is bad (especially the grammar) but I hope you guys understand what I write.

Why do I call my followers ghosts? To be honest, when I had my other blog I called everyone ghost. I love ghosts and I believe in them. And the word “followers” to me sounds like “a diva” thing or what to call. I don’t like the word “followers”. For me, you guys are like my family. Family members, there for I call this family the ghosts. I hope you guys understand what I mean.

Muchos besos 😘 means many kisses on Spanish.


Merry Christmas from Sweden

Wonderful.. It hit me again. Stuffed nose, pain in my throat and fever. It has also hit Emilio. Lovely.

Hi my loves! How are you all? I can’t believe it is already the 10th of December. That means that Christmas is 14 days away! When do you celebrate Christmas? In Sweden we celebrate on the 24th of December.

picture from pinterest

This year will be different. The Christmas will be at our place! I can feel the stress coming! The dinner, preparation, guests etc. I just hope I can do it. But iam excited about it! I’m gonna host the very first Christmas! Normally we celebrate at my brother and his family but this year we are gonna start a new tradition. Every two years we will celebrate Christmas at our place.

Why? Because they are gonna celebrate with my sister in law’s family when my sister and her family isn’t here. They celebrate Christmas with us every two years and this year it is a Norwegian Christmas. Next year it is a Swedish Christmas. Crazy right? But that is their tradition. It’s time for new traditions. At least I think that.

To be honest, I have no idea how to host Christmas celebrations. What kind of food to share, what to do etc. Luckily I have my mom who offered to help us. I’m thankful for that.


A wonderful gift! So happy, so thankful and so shocked!

A gift box full of goodies and surprises! The other day, I joined a contest my friend had on her Instagram. Super sweet of her! I joined because.. Why not!? Its for fun, even though I know I never win in these things. Few days passes by and she wrote to me that I was one of the winners! WHAT?! was my first reaction. She showed me the website who randomly selects numbers and my number was there. How fun!

I was so in shock when she told me so I had no idea what I was answering her on. Lol. Maybe sounds weird but trust me, I was super surprised about all this. Haha!

The package came today! C h r i s t m a s has come early this year. Lol. My eyes ~> 👀 <~ literally!, when I opened the package! Ohmygod. So many things in that tiny package. I could never ever have imagined all this! So surprised but super happy! Most of the products is the products I’ve been eyeing on, sigh and longing for so long and now I have them?! C r a a z y!

Anyway, I can’t describe how much I love this and how happy, excited, shocked and everything I got when she told me and when I had the package in hands. I can’t wait to try them!! Happy happt Emma!